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China Spring Chinese Restaurant
23209 Stringtown Rd., Clarksburg, Maryland MD 20871

Welcome to China Spring, an authentic Chinese restaurant in Clarksburg, Maryland, MD. We enjoy cooking up delicious eats for our neighbors and community members here. Our menu includes dishes typical to both American Chinese and traditional Chinese cuisine, so you can satisfy your craving for General Tso’s or try something new. We offer takeout, delivery, and eat-in options.

We decided to put our menu and information online to help our customers better understand the options that we offer, and also to help make ordering takeout even easier. Let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for visiting!

China Spring Chinese Restaurant - Address: 23209 Stringtown Rd., Clarkesburg, MD 20871/Tel: 301-540-9188 / 310-540-9189